Have you seen the seer

Viveka means “to separate”, “to tell apart”. For this, two things are necessary, for example, separating rice from wheat in a pile in which both grains are mixed.
Discrimination in modern usage carries a negative connotation. ‘Racial discrimi- nation’ is one such usage. In the workplace, discrimination on the basis of one’s gender is seen with disapproval. We notice that social discrimination on the basis of wealth, status, interests, religion, and many other categories is frowned upon.
This Discrimination is used as a technical word meaning “differentiation between the Seer (Drik) and the Seen (Drishya)”. In Vedanta there are varieties of discrimination, such as between the Real and unreal; between the permanent and impermanent; between the changeless and changing, etc.
Everyone possesses this faculty in varying degrees, but it is generally used only in the realm of common objects or ideas in the relative plane. In this book the Viveka is applied to distinguish the transcendent realm of Brahman from the relative realm of Creation.

Drik Drishya Viveka: discrimination between the seer and the seen.

roopam drishyam lochanam drik,
tat drishyam drik tu maanasam;
drishyaa dhee-vrittayah saakshee
drik eva na tu drishyate.

Form is the seen, the eye is the seer
That eye is the seen, and mind is its seer
Thoughts in the mind are seen by the
Witness Which alone is the Seer, but can never be the see

I have translated the above to tamil based on my understanding.

பார்க்கும் பொருளை பார்த்தது கண்

பார்க்கும் கண்னை பார்த்தது மனம்

பார்க்கும் மனதை பார்த்தது சாட்சி

சாட்சியே பார்த்தது அதை பார்க்க இயலாது

Here the WITNESS is considered as the soul or Brahman and it’s considered to be connected for all living beings.WITNESS: The ultimate Seer which sees without the help of any other entity. The Self alone is the Witness..

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