A conversation with my Son

After some unexpected events at work, first of its kind in my work life and talk of Industry across globe has made everyone daze, how it would have happened?.

Kind of out of sorts, thinking about what is insolvency and how an insolvent head can drive it subsidiaries and meddling thoughts joined my family for dinner on Friday 6/27 evening.

My son who is 9 years seated next to me. With his usual lazy and slip away attitude towards food, wanted to distract, asked a simple question “ Pa, in your office do you have securities?.”

Surprised by his question, my wife and mom looked at each other and then me, was thinking why is he asking this to me now 🤔, may be his free fire video game made him think of some new guns?, thinking all these I answered him yes we do have many of them, but why are you asking me now?.

Without any hesitation he fired his next one, then how come you misplaced the 2B cash!!!…….

With all kind of expressions on my face, tried to give him a logical explanation of how bookkeeping is done and what’s financial reporting blah blah… Not sure he got everything of what I said. He got that he may not get his new laptop for his home schooling 😔.

But his question made me go blank for a while and started thinking how many of my friends and colleagues life had a u turn and blank on their future plans.

6/27/2020 – another 2020 💣 .

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