Who Am I

நான் யார்? We all have this question from a materialistic angle and say it out loud and proud, Am from that school, this college, my father is that or my mother is this or am a CEO, CTO, COO etc. There are people who will ask kids what they want to do after education or provide advices on what stream of education or life path to choose. This is mostly thinking about me and planning for the new age.

There is a big view of mine already present or sculpted when my parents jointly conceived me in this body, some may be accidentally given birth by parents but still it’s planned based on our past karma.

  • Our Country
  • Our Arts and skills
  • Our ancestors and Religion
  • Our ways of Worship
  • Our Father
  • Our Mother

There is no good reason or no freehand in deciding any of them. We cant choose but can conveniently ignore and move on forgetting the past blaming cultural changes or life style advancements.

Am presenting about myself from the Ancient Bharath that I know.

Am from that civilisation who turned

Mud to Stone
Stone to Art
Art as Temple
Worshiping formless nature
Seeking God in different forms
Oneness in everything
As Bharath in this earth
Being an Indian
With the past blessings
Learnt Vedas as Brahmin
Son of Jagannathan
Born to Bhuvaneshwari
That is Me

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